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Hello, I am Nima Sakhtemani. I was born in April of 1993. I love writing about technology and minimalism. I also love to read and write poetry.

My friends call me Clark. Yes, I am a big fan of Superman. I also admire Captain America and have seen all his movies.


I’m a content creator. I write about minimalism, technology, and design. In addition, I like to expand my writings into the philosophy of technology and analysis into mental models.

I used to be a product designer. Then, I have focused my attention on helping people by writing to inform them about technology.

I love playing video games, reading books, watching inspirational videos, and helping people healthily use technology.

If you like to connect with me, you can send a message on Twitter.

What Do I Do?

Writing is the career choice I made. It’s a phenomenal experience, and what inspires me to write more is helping every like-minded individual use technology healthily.


I’m an aesthete. My preferences center around minimalism abstract and positive-vibe visuals.

In life, I admire many beautiful things, yet the boldest ones for me are:

  • Reading Poets of Emily Dickinson
  • Writing my own poems
  • Listening to Neo-Classical Music
  • Listening to the works of Maestro Ennio Morricone
  • Surf the web for the latest tech product announcements
  • Read about most concerning issues for people in tech

I’m Currently:

  • Taking a course to improve my writing
  • Learning French
  • Learning Moralities of Everyday Life
  • Working on my productivity skills with the help of a great coach
  • Structuring a series of stories for digital minimalism

Contact Me

If you have an App/Service you want me to review, send a message to my Twitter.

Stories I’m Most Proud Of

Top How-To Guides

List of Apps and Stories

In 2021 for iPhone

In 2021 for Mac

Top Five Poems

  1. Thy Defiance to Un Shine Is Blunt
  2. The Scream of Loneliness
  3. Sweet Emptiness
  4. Elle
  5. Hope

Thank you for reading this introduction story to my Medium blog.



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